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Water Resources

Water Resources

UVS enjoys close working relationships with the Australian river hydrology and hydrographic community, relationships that have been sustained for the past two decades, relationships based on providing excellent technical service and support. Since 1989, UVS has been at the forefront of the introduction and industry acceptance of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) technology for hydrologic, hydrographic and hydrodynamic measurement applications.

River Monitoring

River monitoring supports many different activities – from determining water reserves to designing flood defences, and even to sports / leisure uses. As part of monitoring, the data collected include water currents, depth, and discharge - the net volume of water transported downstream.
After 1990, river discharge measurements changed from mechanical to acoustic instruments. For measurements made from moving boats and floats, Teledyne RD Instrument’s (TRDI) river Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) have become the de-facto standard. The ADCP is accurate, samples rapidly, and displays discharge results as soon as the river section is complete. Rich views of the currents come from high-density sampling through the water column and along the boat path. Stemming from these advantages, TRDI has an unmatched user /experience base and a best-in-class reputation for reliable products and dependable data quality

Products for Water Resources

Teledyne RDI’s Broadband technology and bottom tracking algorithms ensure that users collect the fastest most reliable data. UVS offers to the following products for water resources applications:

 StreamPro  Shallow streams
 RiverPro  Deep streams to shallow rivers
 RiverRay  Shallow to deep rivers
 RioGrande  ADCP for moving boat applications
 ChannelMaster  H-ADCP for horizontal profiling applications 
 V-ADCP  Measurement of water flow, level and velocity in open channels

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